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  • Zombie Rotted Teeth Adult Costume Accessory Upper teeth with a stay-put custom-fitting compound
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Zombie Rotted Teeth Adult Costume Accessory

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Items Included:
  • Upper teeth with a stay-put custom-fitting compound
Available Sizes:
  • One Size. Recommend For Ages 14+.


  • Empty the packet of white plastic beads into a glass of very hot tap water.
  • When fitting-plastic becomes clear, remove with a metal spoon.
  • Make sure the clear-fitting plastic is cool enough to handle but still warm. Shape it into a thick "worm".
  • Firmly press the "worm" into the gum tray of the denture until a small amount of the plastic comes through each hole.
  • Looking in a mirror, use both hands to press the denture firmly over your teeth. Tuck excess fitting-plastic behind your teeth with your thumbs. NOTE: keeping fitting-plastic behind your teeth and away from the roof of your mouth.
  • Ease the denture out of your mouth before the fitting-plastic hardens.
  • Trim off any excess and press the denture back onto your teeth and press firmly into place.
  • It will take about five minutes for the fitting-plastic to fully harden. To ensure proper fit, ease the dentures down slightly, then back up into place several times, until fitting-plastic is fully hardened. NOTE: If denture is too tight, soften the fitting-plastic with hot water to remove. If you are not happy with the fit, just put the denture back into hot water and repeat steps 5 to 8.
  • Removal: Remove with a gentle wiggling motion. Brush teeth well. Clean denture with cold water and allow to dry before storing for future use.


Care Instructions